Summer Plans

Spring semester flew by and before I knew it I had woken up from a week long nap to Summer Break! This Summer Break is going to be unlike any other. As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc, closing down society and jobs, and society protests the many injustices within it you may be left wondering what shall I, or you, do?

Summers are typically excellent opportunities to gain work experience. The workdays become explorations of my limitations. What else do I need to learn? What haven’t I done yet and need to do to get in on that project? Who else can I shadow? What am I succeeding at? However, with internships closing up to the fear of poor virtual experiences and Covid-19 the wonderful world of work experience is no more. Well maybe not quite. I haven’t secured an internship yet, however, I have begun planning how I can work on my skills for potential Fall openings.

In my case I have taken on the challenge of redesigning my parent’s backyard. I will also be tinkering about inside the house, porch, and maybe even the frontyard. With an ambigious budget, a diy attitude, and a few short months to complete it I am excited to see what I can achieve!

In addition to the at home design I am following up on my summer internship interests through research. I am looking into zoos and aquariums, gardens and parks, city design and human behavior, and crime and design. This started as googling to my hearts content but I think will work its way into a set of journals as notes and sketches to build from. Posts to come with all my new insights.

And, if that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I have decided to take up skateboarding, continue running, and hopefully, finally, learn Japanese! Oh, and attend any and all lectures PennDesign releases.

I hope you all are well and safe! Here’s to many fun adventures while safely settled in home!

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