2021 in review

Where have I been you ask? Here, there, and everywhere it seems! I know I dropped off the radar a bit in 2021. I needed to sort out life and it’s nearly sorted! But before I get ahead of myself let’s start where I last left off. Here’s 2021 in review:

I had plenty of time to reflect on my choice to attend the University of Pennsylvania. It was particularly bittersweet as my last semester of graduate school came to a crashing end. My computer just about died by the end of the semester resulting in the purchase of a fabulous new laptop! One I can’t wait to really utilize to it’s maximum to produce art, videos, blog posts, and maybe a little design work on the side. Not so bittersweet was goodbye to Apartment 301 and the last flood I hope to ever deal with.

While in school I was applying for work and taking interviews. Right out of school I had two offers and a trial run week long internship. While these were certainly great options, I wouldn’t have applied if I didn’t want them, I ultimately decided not to accept. I then took about two months to teach Canoeing and Kayaking at the Ocala Outdoor Adventure Camp. (I know not quite in theme right? Masters in design to summer camp?)

Well summer camp was amazing! I became lifeguard certified (eeek!!) and loved being on the water teaching others how to canoe, kayak, and rescue themselves. When not chasing after kids, cleaning up camp, or helping instruct I enjoyed learning more about Florida plants and wildlife. I sketched a bit, listened to stories of the camp and how the area grew, and just explored. Soon after I took the course and exam to get my boating license. I am super excited to learn how to operate a boat, particularly to learn to sail! More on this as it comes…

When summer camp finished I was still searching for that perfect design job. I had interviewed with a few places but no luck landing anything till I interviewed with Marquis Latimer + Halback (ML+H). I was excited as I knew a few of the employees from my time at the University of Florida. The firm was solid having projects ranging from private residential to urban parks and city planning. Best of all they focused in Landscape Architecture!

I had several conversations with Jeremy (Marquis), Fremont (Latimer), and Laura (Marquis). Each one lovelier than the last. Andrew, my UF contact, was also great for inside perspective. I had finally found a firm that I could grow in, where I could use my skills from school and gain experience quickly. No CAD monkeying for me here!

So mid September, after a quick trip to shadow my sister at her job in New Mexico, I started with ML+H. The first few days in person got me all set up to work flexibly. Some days in the office, some days at my parents place, some days in my boyfriends, some days at my sisters (and Gator football games), and some days at a hotel. Basically work anywhere live anywhere. Well, almost.

I knew I couldn’t sustain the driving to and from work and my parents place, frankly I can barely do it from my sisters place. I had agreed to move to St. Augustine by the end of the 2021. I sincerely wanted to. I am tired and feel like I’m in a million places none of which have any of my stuff (reference books for landscape, who needs those?? Are the book boxes even in the state???). So with rent being more than a mortgage I decided to buy!

Now this couldn’t happen without the support of my family. So after months of searching and saving and panicking I am, all fingers and toes crossed, going to close on a place soon! It’s no castle but it’s, please please please!!!, MY tiny project so very close to work and a lot more sleep.

This quick review of 2021 barely covers where I’ve been and what I’ve experienced, but I hope it gives you, my readers, a sense of what’s to come. I’ll be back on a regular posting schedule in the next month, if all pans out, and can’t wait to share with you all my journey!

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