Demo Days

The first step in the condo project is to demo it. Basically tear it down to the bare essentials to truly have a base from which to build up my vision of it.

I couldn’t have done this without the help of my family and boyfriend. The extra hands really helped in tearing things up and carrying them out.

We started with the doors, blinds, and wall paper. The blinds I tried to sell but had no luck with. The doors we determined could be reused with some paint and a change of knobs. In a few places I decided I no longer wanted closet doors and so these were removed completely (tracks and all). The wall paper is another struggle entirely

I did a bit of research and decided that between steaming off the paper (the more expensive option) or using a scoring device and a chemical applicant (the cheaper option) I’d try the latter first. This worked excellently on the wallpaper in the master bedroom. It did not work so well in the bathroom. I tried hard for a few days and then abandoned the project for more fruitful pursuits in the condo.

Only recently have I concocted this crazy idea. I would score all the walls. Then I would “take” a hot steaming shower, with the bathroom door closed, to steam the room completely. Immediately after I would begin scrapping the walls. I am not sure if I would spray any chemical prior to the steaming or post the steaming. I suppose I will have to try it both ways and see what removes the stubborn wallpaper best.

Wallpaper aside the most troublesome demo so far has been the floor. The carpet was nailed in some places and glued in others. With razors the carpet was cut into manageable strips. Crow bars and hammers were then used to pry up the wooden nail strips and the nails in the concrete. Naturally the concrete below the carpet and underlayment is completely unfinished, uneven, and spotted with paint/glue. The dust produced daily is a nightmare. Soon that won’t be a problem though as new flooring makes it’s way across the condo!

That’s it for demo, for now. The new flooring will take priority til another round of demo/remodel can be afforded.