Days Off

A few days off before getting back to studying is always nice. But what can you do with those days? Here are just a few suggestions outside of sleeping and nothing at all to enjoy your few days of break:

  • Wharton Start Up Challenge: Friday, April 27th from 12-3 pm one of our own PennDesign students Laura Colagrande will be competing for votes to win crowd favorite in this challenge. A separate panel of judges (investors) will vote on the final winner of the challenge to recieve a cash prize to officially start their own start up! For more information on the challenge see the link:
  • The FitExpo:
  • The Science Festival:
  • West Philly Swingers Performance:
  • Penny Loafers Presents: Flour Power:
  • Improving Health Outcomes Conference:
  • Lake Break:
  • Climate Change Surprise:
  • Spring Exibition Opening:
  • Arbor Day Family Day:
  • Dogs and Barks Tour:
  • Jazz Epistles:


The list is endless really just checkout Scroll down towards the bottom to see a full listing of each days activities. I have only listed available activities from April 27 to April 29.

Enjoy the time off!!

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