Finals Week Pop Ups

Admist all the drawing, modeling, and building going on in the School of Design everywhere else there are pop up surprises of all kinds! Below are a few photos with short descriptions of the many surprises I encountered during the days leading up to the final.

A student major fair! Likely for incoming undergraduate students to begin deciding what they would like to do while at Penn.

Strawberries?!? Not sure but this is the best looking weed I have ever seen show up in sidewalk-building cracks.


The most wonderful storm brewing! Looks almost like a Florida thunderstorm!

A crane truck packing up after finishing work. Entire street blocked off to allow the work crew to move materials and quickly use the machinery necessary.


Student Government brought Federal Doughnuts and coffee to cheer on students working towards the final. Also featured on my Instagram, see link above in menu bar.


Bounce houses, dogs, maybe a cotton candy machine… Looks like summer fun has come at last! Not sure what this was for a Drexel Open House, a Fraternity just having fun, some random Penn Stress Relief Event, no clue but fun to walk by on such a nice day!

Landscape Students setting up an exihibit on interpretive drawings of watery landscapes. Very interesting work and fascinating topic!


Last but not least, one of many drawings on the whiteboards in the computer lab upstairs, can you tell it is finals week? If not check out PennDesignZZZ’s latest posts on Instagram for some classic finals photos.

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