Spring Planting

With studio finished and some free time to be had I set about fixing my mini garden.

Over the semester I had managed to sprout onions and garlic in my fridge. I decided that these along with some cherry tomato plants I recently purchased would make a cute window box set, and so with a small bag of soil and some water have prepared an almost perfect salad box. My lettuce remains alone and to the side for now until I find a suitable container to transplant it to. Recall those beautiful mint and spice plants I had in studio? Well needless to say the lack of sunlight, the irregular watering, and the general environment has led to a sad death. Or so I thought. Just as I was about to throw out the lot I found a small regrowth, of which I am not sure. For now they remain and I hope that this environment suits the new growth much more.


The non edibles are quite happy as well. The hanging plant is a vibrant dark green. The daisy’s have flowered about five times now and new buds are sprouting! Two of the three violets are on their third round of flowers with new buds still coming. My cactus is growing again as evidenced by the green sprouts at the top of each arm. The succulent has had a few leaves drop which are sprouting into new succulents! I am very excited to see how long it will be before these sprouts are proper sized succulents. And a new plant has joined the garden! Meet Mr. Prickles: he couldn’t move with his old tenants and was left with a note in the lobby. I hope that he will grow in his nice new environment.


Even without a yard or open windows to hang plants outside of a garden can still thrive in the city. Light, water, and plenty of love will keep it going. I am excited to see the progress of my plantings as we move into summer. Good luck with your gardens!

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