Dad Vail’s review

Yesterday was a beautiful day for the Dad Vail Regatta! The sun was out the whole time and a nice river breeze kept it bearable to be outside. Below are a few fun shots from yesterday’s event.


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Today I did not get out in time for my sisters race. The weather isn’t nearly as pretty with an overcast gloomy appearance, although I am sure it is nicer for the racers not to be in direct sun all day.

A few tips for next years race:

  • Bring cash. You will need it to park close to the rowers village and the grandstand for watching the race. If not you may end up a 30 minute plus walk away, with only a two hour window to watch, and a high likelyhood of getting a ticket (like I did). If you are willing to risk the ticket just know it is about $26 where parking is between $15-30 all day.
  • Sunscreen is a must! I brought it yesterday but in all the excitement forgot to put it on. Needless to say I now have a very red back and shoulders.
  • If you aren’t about to bring sunscreen then make sure to cover up with long sleeve shirts, hats, umbrellas or other covers.
  • A refillable water bottle will certainly be a saving grace. There is a station to refill water bottles right next to the grandstand. This will save you the $3 for a water bottle or $4-6 for a lemonade or soda.
  • Make sure you know a rower. This is helpful in three ways: 1, they can tell you more about times, races, boats, etc, 2, they will all be in a convinent location to everything with a premade tent for shade, 3, rowers have food, free food, some of which they will likely share with you. And overall rowers are a friendly bunch and make for a good day’s hangout group, or at least the University of Florida team was a friendly bunch.


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