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For all my love of reading I rarely keep a reading list. More often than not, I will simply pick up the next book I hear about or that sparks my interest and devour it. This has changed since starting graduate school. I have not set aside time to read for fun and so lost track of many books.

Due to this loss, I have decided to begin tracking my reads. However as I had no list research was in order. I first came across a series of books on forensic architecture, which I am currently reading. The second list I found were the department lists of the School of Design. These lists are a view into the curriculum, the research being done, and the overal focus of the school/department. I have decided to focus on the landscape architecture list as that is the program I will be entering into in the fall (

Naturally for a more random selection pinterest is always available to suggest a series of book pairings by genre, for example historical fiction.

If you are more interested in a better selected or vouched for reading list the Van Pelt library has a small section of recent additions with awards/acclaims in the front room. For a little light reading the magazines are right next to them and also all recent.

If you are too far away to get to Van Pelt, a simple search for NY Times Best Sellers or something similar should pull up a variety of options to get started.

Newer books are harder to get a hold of from the library so perhaps searching a year back will help secure a good read sooner. Have fun reading!

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