Movie in the Park or the Theater

Several of us had planned to go see a movie being shown in the Schullykill Park this past week. However, the suprise rainstorm quickly cancelled those plans. I have seen events listed throughout Philadelphia for outdoor movie screenings and sadly have yet to go. This is true also of theaters. It seems like everytime I make a plan something comes up to cancel them.

Well today, while purchasing tickets to a show, I misspelled my email. Now lacking a confirmation email I am a little nervous that a friend and I will have trouble checking in. Well, fingers crossed this won’t happen. Either way, if we aren’t let in I suppose I will just buy the tickets again or settle for an in home movie night. At least that will be cheaper!

I hope, if the weather abides this summer, that I can update this post soon with an outdoor movie showing. No need for indoor theater pictures!


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