A Week of Thanks

I had the privilege of hosting my family this Thanksgiving in my apartment in Philadelphia. Seven people all snuggled together under one roof for a full week!

While we may not have hit every tourist trap in the city we did manage a few rides around the city to see the sights. We ventured out to see the school, the markets around town, the christmas market, El Rey for tacos, Home Depot for flowers, and out to the countryside. After a long day out warm nights inside sharing meals and warm hot chocolate around a movie reminded me of days back home.

The quiteness of the apartment after a week activity is unnerving. I enjoy the chaos and bussyness that it is having a full house. Something is always going on. It is just the kind of lively that keeps my mind buzzing and my heart happy. As I am sure it does with everyone this time of year. I hope everyone had a happy holiday!

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