Externship Excitement!Update

I am very excited to be an extern this January with Curtis + Ginsberg Architects LLP in New York City.

So far in the process I have signed forms for the UPenn Externship program and been introduced via email to the Curtis + Ginsberg contact.

The externship will take place from January 3rd to 14th 2019 on a 9-6 schedule. There will be a 1 hour unpaid lunch break each day. The rest of my time there will be paid but with no specification as to the amount yet. Everything is being prepared ahead of time for me.

The only thing that needs to be taken care of on my end include travel expenses, housing, and wardrobe.

Travel I still need to arrange. I applied to the externship programs travel stipend. Should I recieve it my travel to and from NYC as well as within NYC will be taken care of. If not I am looking at roughly an $89-103 charge for travel.

Thankfully through family and friends I have managed to acquire housing relatively close to the office. I look forward to covering house rules, timeframes, and any expectations for the time I am there.

And as to wardrobe it’s a combination pick and choose or find a few new things. Dress code for the office is business causal. I found a really cute blog site with a visual list of business casual outfits which I plan to use as a base to pull all my future looks. Visit Miss Louie’s blog here: https://misslouie.com/2018/02/15/1-month-business-casual-outfit-ideas-for-women/

I know that my mind and skills are more important than my wardrobe. However, dressing professionally and stylishly can only help others take me more seriously, even when wrong. At least their first impression will be of someone well put together and ready to work.

Once these three technicalities are taken care of all that’s left is to refresh on software and try my best. I am super excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to get started!


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