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Albert M. Greenfield Intercultural Center:

Graduate Student Center:

For many students food insecurty and debt are the greatest concerns followed by classes. In my undergrad, University of Florida, the food pantry was centrally located, easy to access, and pretty well known. I didn’t realize Penn had a similar concept on campus until a few days ago.

Penn’s Greenfield Intercultural Center is a catch all department for minorities, first generation, and low income students. This department offers a variety of resources including:

These resources can be supported by students in various ways, including donating nonperishable foods to the Penn Graduate Student Center. Remember to bring your resuable mug to get a free cup of coffee while there. Free coffee is available every day at the Graduate Student Center so if you need a little study caffeine stop by.  The Graduate Student Center also offers an open study space and plenty of fliers and hand outs about student events and opportunities.

Both places are wonderful, free resources that are additionally helpful during the most stressful time of the semester, finals.

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