Beaux Arts on a Boat!

Beaux Arts Ball (BAB) is a traditional architecture ball held annually. At PennDesign this ball gets relocated each year and a new theme choosen to liven up an already lively, much anticipated event.

Last year BAB was held in the Mutter Museum. This year The Spirit of Philadelphia, a quite large boat, larger than it looks, was the choosen location. While the food was poor and slim in choice, the open bar, lively dance floor, and variety of indoor-outdoor arrangments with constantly changing views made up for it.



The Larpers ate and then danced the night away, only pausing to nerd out by the fact that we were passing our studio site via water and take a class photo. I suspect our May calendar will look quite lively.


Now, iPhone photos on a boat late at night are not the most amazing but it certainly gives a new perspective. The site looks quite beautiful at night. Funnily enough the videos I took, which unfortunately will not upload, were extremely lively with the lights bouncing to each beat of the music being played inside, focusing and unfocusing the site. This was a result of the glass on the boat which I had my phone pressed to for clear shots vibrating with the music. The B4BD0415-58BE-410A-913A-6D9D7A2321A6unanticipated effect was absolutely lovely! Hopefully it will be useful in producing short clips of a dancing landscape, if not for class, for myself.

When the boat docked the party by no means stopped but migrated in a thousand different directions. Thankfully I found myself in the party headed for IHOP and then to dance. I certainly hope next year’s BAB will be as fun as this past one!



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