PCDC Performance

PCDC: https://sites.google.com/site/pennchinesedanceclub/Home

The Pennsylvania Chinese Dance Club is a non-profit dance organization that explores creative dance choreography focused on Chinese culture. Two of my classmates participated in this years performance showcase, including dance and live music performances.

The dances were stunning. While I found it difficult to tell traditional moves from inovations, not having any prior viewing or knowledge of Chinese dance culture, I was impressed by the choreographies. The choice of outfits also went well with the dance and felt much more incorporated into the choreographies than other dances I’ve seen.

The music performances were also a surprise. I only wish that the microphones had been better prepared as they picked up more of one instrument and less of the singer and other accompanist. But seeing as the main performances were dances it is understandable that the microphones may have been off a bit.

I am very proud of my friends who have kept up with dancing and playing music while in studio. I know how much time it takes to learn new pieces, practice, prepare and perform. Even so it is a great stress reliever, a wonderful workout, and an excellent way to make ties to community.

Overall, it was a beautiful performance and I was so happy to be invited! I look forward to seeing what my friends achieve in the next performance.


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