Garden Update!

Even with a busy semester I have found some time to expand my garden! The cherry tomatoes are blossoming, my daisies and african voilets are continally flowering, and my succulents keep sprouting new succulents. I have even tested planting strawberries.

As with every garden I have run into my troubles with watering schedules and pests. But the spider mites and wilting leaves will not deter me. Each time I learn something new and get a little more excited about adding to my garden.


There is an empty pot waiting in anticipation for my next set of plants. I am thinking bell peppers, spinach, and maybe some herbs (basil, rosemary, parsely). There are so many edible plants which it would be a dream to have at the ready. All that is left is the study of kitchen gardens and their evolution to apartment window ledges.

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