Penn Health Tips!

While no one likes going to the doctor getting an annual check up is really important. My last check up was roughly in October. I went in for my check up this year at about the same time.

While there I learned a few wonderful things!

  • If you have a medical emergency call Penn Health first! They have an on call doctor 24/7 who can help diagnose your problem and advise you whether to go to the hospital or come to them the next day. This is super helpful as an ambulance and emergency room expenses are outrageous! Really only go if it is life or death!!
  • If you need second appointments the scheduling desk can arrange it for you. In some cases the appointments can be made same day (usually only if you are already there and had a previous appointment)! Otherwise check a month in advance to schedule appointments. I have always found they dissapear quickly online.
  • Flu Shots are super important. Often your email will contain reminders for the dates and times for the Flu Shot Drive. This is a FREE event so no excuses! I went this year and it took all of 5 minutes to sign the paperwork, move through the line, and get the shot.

Overall my annual visit to Penn Health has always been pleasant. Service is quick, the nurses and doctors are friendly, and the process is easy. If you are ever concerned or need health help definitely go to Penn Health.

In terms of health the Penn Health really does cover everything you could be concerned about under one roof. I went from my check up to the blood work station to the nutrioninst all in one morning in one place. I really appreciate the ability to do that. It makes addressing any concerns you or your physician may have in the moment so that you can really work on it immediatly.

In my case I learned a few additional ways to supplement my diet with key nutrients without taking pills and tablets. I also was encouraged to continue my excercise routine, the weight lifting portion, to help overall with body and bone strength.

While my own improvements are encouraging, seeing how my lifestyle has inspired and encouraged my classmates to change theres is even more encouraging. At last I have lured my classmates into the gym! I am super excited to have friends who are also possible long term gym buddies!


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