PAWS at Petsmart!

Over summer I volunteered with PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) and loved it! I decided this semester not to give up on volunteering but to integrate it into my school schedule. In some ways I treat my volunteering like another two hour class.

I transitioned from the Grays Ferry location to the new Petsmart on Broad and Washington. I was super excited to take care of 6 or more cats. In particular this location also allowed me to get more experience on the adoption side of the organization. While I have yet to complete an adoption I know the policies, have to ability to submit applications from interested individuals, and can help them select a cat to adopt.

It is a wonderful place to be and volunteer. The Petsmart staff are kind and responsive to any needs I may have (not enough litter, low on cat food). I  am primarly responsible for feeding the cats, cleaning litter boxes, wiping down kennels, and excercising (aka play and petting) the cats. However having the trust and additional responsibilities is wonderful.

I love being able to help such lovely people and animals! Here are a bunch of cute cat pictures from the last couple of months volunteering.


If you are looking for something to fill your time or want to relieve some stress I suggest volunteering with an animal aid organization. PAWS in particular could really use all the extra help it can get and the joy of being around the animals and knowing you are really helping really makes a difference in your day.

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