Salsa Saturday!

Sassafras Bar:

Brasil Night Club:

In celebration of a few studio birthday’s several of us went out for a night of food and dancing in Old City Philadelphia.

In true landscape fasion we celebrated first with dinner at the Sassafras Bar, chosen for its tree like name. The Sassafras was a quaint little place with a standard american fare menu. The only downside was the tight interior. There was almost no space for our group of 10 or so.

An odd feature of the night was the restaurant bathroom. This room was by far the oddest room I have ever been in. It seems odd to post bathroom photos but I think the photos will explain the bizareness better than a simple explanation could.

The real highlight of the night was Brazils Night Club. Like many of the dance places in Philly the first hour of the night is a dance lesson. In this first hour they teach a few basic steps and add a little flare just so you are confident on the dance floor later. I always find these dance classes exciting and love learning a little something new each time!

The night went by too quickly! Thankfully everyone had a wonderful time, even if they didn’t quite get the steps right. Looking forward to trying swing dancing next.

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