Externship: Day 0

Today was a calm day of travel and preparation. The Megabus from Philadelphia to NYC departed and arrived on time. I settled into my temporary accommodations making sure to keep my new work clothes straight and neat. Once unpacked and acquainted with the apartment I went for a long walk.

I walked from the apartment to the office of Curtis+Ginesburg, then to the bank, and lastly to a Target/Trader Joes. All along the way I encountered a number of neat surprises from cute clothing stores to seafood shops in china town and a bunch of construction sites!

Everything from road repair, plumbing, demolitions to new high rises putting in the finishing touches were scattered along my walk. It seems like more construction than I remember on any prior trip to the city. The most fascinating site today had to be of this well closed off demolition which had a single window placed into the fence to showcase the work.

After a long day of walking I am ready to sleep, just dreaming of all the excitement tomorrow will bring on Externship Day 1!