Externship: Day 4

Despite a late start today was productive. The apartment recieved a quick tidying up, dishwasher emptied and refilled, counter cleaned, fridge picked through and old things dumped, and any messes were sorted. Soon after a late lunch of soup and hot tea followed by hot coffee preceded a much needed nap. After that I decided to go grocery shopping. I had seen several neat grocery stores and settled on the one across from the Target/Trader Joes I had previously visited.

I find that grocery stores are the most interesting places to visit when traveling. Every place and store carries at least one different or unique item. It’s a quick, if vague, way to get acquainted with the likes, dislikes, and values of the place you’re in.  I really enjoyed this store, The Fine and Fare Supermarket, as it had more variety than the Target/Trader Joes. Thanks to this tonights dinner was a lovely improvisation on a cold mushroom salad and premade artichoke ravioli with the addition of spinach, more mushrooms for filler, some sopresata, and added seasonings all cooked in olive oil.


With a full stomach and a happy heart I plan to read myself to sleep and read myself to work tomorrow. Looking forward to the surprises at CGA!

Externship: Day 3

I awoke this morning with a sore throat, a stuffy nose, a tad warm and very tired. Half the day was lost to drinking hot tea, drinking warm soup, and napping. When I finally warmed up I met a friend for the first tea time of 2019 at HARBS in Chelsea. Following a fabulous tea time and dinner we took a stroll down the highline to the Whitney Museum. Of the many exhibits in the Whitney I liked the light exhibits the most.

Tomorrow with luck I will feel better and can head out for a day of meandering and exploring the area I am temporarily living in.


Externship: Day 2

Today went as swimmingly as yesterday!

I returned to completing the site model. The few individual choices made were aesthetic in nature, which color to border the model, how much to sand or cut the 3-D prints, and how to trim and border the streets.

More of the office members stopped around to chat. Honestly the location of my worktable probably helped. I moved around 2 pm from a closed conference room to an open white table in the middle of the office. Most of the members of the firm are working not two feet away at open desks and everyone seemed to walk up and down that corridor. Certainly the place to be as the new bee in the office.

Between being asked to file new forms to a secondary introduction to the project I was modeling’s design and decision process the day was plenty busy. Of all the conversations or breaks a few stood out.

I was introduced to the in-house Landscape Architect who walked me through her proposal for a play space in a courtyard. I learned some of the intricate detailing of the play space as demonstrated by example materials. Below is a quick sketch and some illegible notes rewritten on the construction of the play space surface composed of faux grass, a safety surface, elevated support for the above surfaces with drainage holes, and cones or columns to support surfaces and maintain a distance from the orginal floor being built over.


Another conversation started with the many built projects CGA is working and led to the ideological proposals being made as well. This discussions  led to over a process model for a neighborhood restoration, reinvigoration, I was given more reading material, this time online.


Another occurred to reminisce about the dangers of model making. I had recently sliced my finger, a scratch akin to a deep paper cut. Thankfully no blood on the model and a quick papertowel and tape bandage stopped the bleeding in a few minutes. Soon after another member of the office offered up more tools to help complete some of the finer shaving, cutting, and detail edge trimming left to be done.

After all the model work a short stretch break with the people sitting directly across from me was enough to liven up. A quick clean up and a few goodbyes and I checked out for the weekend to explore the city!

Dress to Impress:

I was a little worried about work attire. I did some research (see my earlier blog post Externship Excitment) and reinvented my wardrobe a bit. Below is today’s look: