Externship: Day 7

After putting my lunch in the fridge and making a cup of tea I started the computer to get right back into SketchUp. Clearly I did this model the long way because it has taken far far too long in my opinion. After building in groups, exploding, realigning, regrouping, and editing on revised documents and models I am happy to say it is probably the cleanest SketchUp model I’ve succeded in making. SketchUp seems very sticky and so I am overly cautious when modeling in it to avoid any messy, warped nonsense from forming.

Around 1 pm today I took a break to attend a Lunch & Learn. The firm brought in Panera for lunch, although I mostly ate my leftover dinner I had packed for lunch. Conference room one became a mini picnic with all eyes and ears attentive to a presentation on the pros of precast concrete parking garage structures.  The notes were endless and I was happy to find that I understood the majority of the terminology.

After the Lunch & Learn I went back to model making. I glued the remaining pieces. While looking over it again I had an idea for how to model the courtyard and landscape elements of the project which had not be built. The team had not decided yet how to model the remaining landscape elements, no decision on style really aside from not 3D print green. Tomorrow I hope I have a little time in the afternoon to test my suggested design for the landscape.

While considering the physical model it was suggested that a carrying model be made. Essentially a cushion model to hold, transport, and store the model safely. The preffered material for this is corrugated cardboard. The firm typically orders/picks up materials from Blick. While checking online the materials seemed limited however I stopped by on my way home from work to find exactly what I needed. Tomorrow I will let my team memebers know what I found and the firm will purchase the required materials.

Just before leaving I acquired some more new reading materials! Three new magazines were given to me which I hope to finish soon. At least if there is limited conversation on the subway tomorrow I can peruse some new literature.

For now, I am off to sleep so I will be wide awake for the construction site visit tomorrow!



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Externship: Day 6

Today was another day at the computer working through SketchUp. Revit gave me some trouble opening and letting me see things. After asking some nearby people for help I discovered I wasn’t messing the file up and could in fact measure and “move” as needed.

Midway through the day I broke for lunch with two of the CGA members. Both had looked over my application information and had some ties with Penn. The conversation was lively. I enjoyed hearing about all the aspects of working that seem so removed from studio. It seems like everyone slowly becomes a researcher and gathers facts, ideas, and tips building up the knowledge constantly to refine their craft. To that end I was given a lovely list of resources and places which can help broaden this build up of knowledge which I will share below for any interested.


After this entertaining lunch break I returned to my desk to crank away at the model. I appreciated those who came by my desk to check on me and help me out here or there. I am glad to talk to as many people as I can and hear their stories about working, project developments, and research. I know I have been told not to be so timid to go ahead and ask questions. I just don’t want to interupt people while they are busy. I suppose this is why I find Slack so helpful. I can just message someone with a question and they reply on their time. I don’t have to think, “oh their too busy” or “I hope I’m not bothering”. While I prefer talking face to face so I can remember names and make connections, Slack is easier to get quick replies without any worries.

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