What Package?

The alarming trend of package theft has made its way to Philadelphia. Until last semester I hadn’t heard of one problem with packages being delivered to my apartment, to any friends place, or to the school. Sadly the sudden increase in package theft has changed the way we order and pick up items.

Most of my classmates have really important packages sent to the School of Design, which so far has had no issue with lost or stolen packages. Many have started sending packages not related to school work to the Amazon lockers on campus. It has gotten so bad that my apartment building posted the following notice in the lobby right in front of the elevators:


I find this really sad since you have to have both a fob and a key to enter the building. So either people are letting in anyone waiting at the door or the theives are living amongst us. Luckily I don’t get many packages. The few I do I am warned about and have the ability to track. I pick up my packages as soon as the tracker lets me know it has arrived.

Honestly the community will adapt to avoid these thefts. It’s just sad to have to see that kind of adaptation rather than an adaptation to too many good mornings or paying forward coffees.