Externship: Day 4

Despite a late start today was productive. The apartment recieved a quick tidying up, dishwasher emptied and refilled, counter cleaned, fridge picked through and old things dumped, and any messes were sorted. Soon after a late lunch of soup and hot tea followed by hot coffee preceded a much needed nap. After that I decided to go grocery shopping. I had seen several neat grocery stores and settled on the one across from the Target/Trader Joes I had previously visited.

I find that grocery stores are the most interesting places to visit when traveling. Every place and store carries at least one different or unique item. It’s a quick, if vague, way to get acquainted with the likes, dislikes, and values of the place you’re in.  I really enjoyed this store, The Fine and Fare Supermarket, as it had more variety than the Target/Trader Joes. Thanks to this tonights dinner was a lovely improvisation on a cold mushroom salad and premade artichoke ravioli with the addition of spinach, more mushrooms for filler, some sopresata, and added seasonings all cooked in olive oil.


With a full stomach and a happy heart I plan to read myself to sleep and read myself to work tomorrow. Looking forward to the surprises at CGA!

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