Externship: Day 6

Today was another day at the computer working through SketchUp. Revit gave me some trouble opening and letting me see things. After asking some nearby people for help I discovered I wasn’t messing the file up and could in fact measure and “move” as needed.

Midway through the day I broke for lunch with two of the CGA members. Both had looked over my application information and had some ties with Penn. The conversation was lively. I enjoyed hearing about all the aspects of working that seem so removed from studio. It seems like everyone slowly becomes a researcher and gathers facts, ideas, and tips building up the knowledge constantly to refine their craft. To that end I was given a lovely list of resources and places which can help broaden this build up of knowledge which I will share below for any interested.


After this entertaining lunch break I returned to my desk to crank away at the model. I appreciated those who came by my desk to check on me and help me out here or there. I am glad to talk to as many people as I can and hear their stories about working, project developments, and research. I know I have been told not to be so timid to go ahead and ask questions. I just don’t want to interupt people while they are busy. I suppose this is why I find Slack so helpful. I can just message someone with a question and they reply on their time. I don’t have to think, “oh their too busy” or “I hope I’m not bothering”. While I prefer talking face to face so I can remember names and make connections, Slack is easier to get quick replies without any worries.

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