Externship: Day 5

Today was a busy day! The physical model is near complete. I was entrusted with working the offices 3D printer a Cubicon. After a quick tutorial on the offices preferences  I completed two of three prints. The last print is running overnight. Tomorrow morning I will check on the last print. Once cleaned all three prints will be glued into place and voila! model complete. Or at least as complete as can be for now. Perhaps the landscape will begin to be depicted in this model or some other finer details such as stops or street lighting. Those decisions either have not yet been made or are not yet serious parts of the project.

While going back and forth on prints I had plenty of time to work on another task. Today I was assigned to remake the same project model in SketchUp 2017 but simplified. With a base file that another person had begun I returned to trace windows, door openings, and rebuild the outer shell of each building in the project. Tomorrow I will further refine this model identifiying operable and non operable windows and awnings. This model will be used to make environmental calculations and decisions about energy, light, and the Passive House standards in the next stage of the project.

Today I did stay about 30-45 mintues later than usual leaving closer to 7 pm. I didn’t think this would make much of a difference on my walk home. Surprisingly, Chinatown shops were mostly packed up, the streets were emptier, quieter, and I certainly rushed faster to get to the apartment.

A quick meal and several cups of tea later I look forward to more sleep to finally kill this cold, or so I hope. Tomorrow is another day of work and of learning and I can’t wait!

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