Externship: Day 8

Today I finished cutting the templates I had made for the traveling box needed for th model I had done. I included an edit by a team member who sat behind me to leave an opening as handles to help carry the box. With only a little glueing left and the front piece connection to consider I am glad that the entire model and case will be complete by the time I leave.

I also recieved some alterations needed for the SketchUp model. It seems the instructions are a bit confused but the edits simple. I just need to move everything to a particular layer and adjust some of the groupings. I will also check the updated floorplans to ensure that the commercial/residential groupings are accurate to the latest work completed. There seems to be some back and forth on whether or not a particular piece needs to be included into a specific group. I am sure the updated files will clarify that.

Overall it was a quiet day. My lunch break, typically an even quieter time, was thankfully enlighting. I walked to grab lunch today with the Marketing member who gave me a little insight into her role in the firm. Interestingly she has an architecture background and had previously worked in an architects/designers role. I appreciate her story as it is starting to sound a bit like mine. Going to school for architecture and design but ending up working in publicity, marketing, and more organizational positions.

I also had some interesting conversations with members about the construction-post construction timeline. I enjoyed seeing the photos of a completed project in all its stages in conjunction with the documents addressed at each stage. Due to this mini presentation and conversation I acutally looked into the field reports for the construction site I visited yesterday. I wanted to compare my experience with the reports produced by those there to get a better idea of what they are looking for, how they are addressing concerns, and the overall documentation process. Unfortunately I did not find the most recent document. I plan to check again, and if not there ask, during my lunch break on Monday. Worst case I will simply go back and look into older reports to get a sense of the projects evolution and the way visits have shaped it’s progress.

With a long day of work complete I returned to my apartment to submit paperwork for the stipend. Now I have the weekend to look forward to, whatever shall it bring!?!

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