Externship: Day 9

The weekend is for relaxing. I have enjoyed my Saturday catching up on sleep, reading, and tidying up the apartment.

I have also done a little research to plan out my Sunday. Seeing as I am not sick this weekend it would be nice to get out and enjoy a full day out and about rather than those few hours on the weekdays. I have decided I will try to squeeze in a trip to at least 4 thrift shops, the NY Public Library in front of Bryant Park for a little tour and reading, and then a long walk back towards the apartment with a stop for coffee and more if anything fun shows up.

Having finished planning tomorrow I can return to relaxing today. Later tonight I am sure I will review everything I have brought or bought while here to determine packing.  I leave on Tuesday and don’t plan to spend my Monday night here running about throwing things into my suitcase. If anything I would like to spend Monday out to dinner and walking around the neighborhood in search of coffee and cake.

For now a little quiet and some warm dinner to keep a calm day going.

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