A Day of Preparations

Today is a long day of cleaning, washing clothes, grocery shopping, filling the fish tanks, sweeping, mopping, vacuming, washing the bathroom and kitchen, emptying the fridge, returning books, checking emails and supply lists for class, etc. I may even set up studio later tonight.

Even the books are under scrutiny. I have looked over tuition payments, savings, and month to month spending. I am testing a new method of budgeting which I am sure to blog about more once I have given it a try.

Between each chore and the occasional email I stop to take a break to water my sad garden. Several of the plants have already begun to spring back. Hopefully by tomorrow they will be bright and lively.

Frankly the only thing on the list left for tomorrow is the haircut.

By tomorrow I’ll be back on track for the gym, a good breakfast, a beauty break, school, competition, maybe even work (?), dinner and a good nights rest. Here’s to another semester!


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