Externship: Day 11

Today was the last day in the office. Aside from the goodbyes and well wishes it was business as usual. I looked over the SketchUp model once more to add a little more detail. I completed the carrying case for the model, even reworking a portion inside to keep the loose pieces from moving if carried upside down.

I had written on Thrusday about the construction site visit and my interest in reading a field report which I can reference with experience. I was very happy to find a rough draft completed by lunchtime. I even spoke with the project manager who gave suggested a few different projects field reports I could read to compare the level of management and detail required on a few projects. I can say it was much shorter, neater, and more detailed than the reports I had written in class last year. I thought the template was very clear. First came all the writing detailing site location, weather, project status, then all involved members of every team working on it, then lists of items discussed, followed by lists of things to check on, and lastly photographs with simple captions.

Soon after this mini research I reported back to the team members I was working with asking if there was anything else I could help with as I had plenty of time. I was given the task of reviewing floor plans in each of the revit models checking that floor area boxes were properly aligned, that the area equaled or exceeded a given amount, and to check if there was allowable square footage to increase any of these areas by. Soon after finishing this up I said my goodbyes and headed home to pack.

Thankfully I took a good break for dinner and some gift shopping with my host. I really appreciate the wonderful accomdations and the hospitatlity of the host who stayed during my time in New York City.

I enjoyed my time learning over break and am excited to start school again. January will be crazy busy! With the ULI Hines competition in the first two weeks, my boyfriend coming to visit, the start of the Womein in Architecture Mentorship Program, revising portfolio, resume, updating job sites, and the search for summer internships. For now some sleep and a busy prep day before class starts.

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