Externship: Day 10

Sunday was a pleasant as could be. I started the day a little late around 10 AM. A bowl of cereal, a quick cup of tea, and a warm wardrobe for a long days walk. I walked several hours bouncing between Goodwills on the shopping trip of the year. Finally I found skirts that fit me and are appropriate for work. I also found a few nice dresses which could double for work or a nice evening out.

Between the shopping I stopped to see Bryant Park and the Public Library. The park held a some stunningly beautiful surprises. The fountain was running but frozen below the bowl. The park was now a skate rink circled by food stands and heated pavilions. Considering not many of the parks I walked by were in use I figured this one wouldn’t either. It was a lovely use of the space for such cold weather.

The library was much nicer on the inside than on the outside. But it wasn’t that way on every floor. Some spaces were grand, well detailed, lively while others were tiled and so small and dark it didn’t feel like a library. Sadly, like many old buildings, any courtyard space has been transformed into an enclosed space which can be used as additional square footage. In this case the space was closed into two spaces: one a light entry hall and one dark theater space.

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By comparison one of the older spaces was maintained quite dark to preserve and showcase prints of dried plants. These prints, from the victorian era, were unique. They were printed on blue paper leaving the algae and seaweeds ghosted in some details clear some not.

Overall it was an interesting collection. It was also probably the quietest location in all of the library. Rather than stay and read I decided to continue on my shopping spree. I walked back home on a different street searching for thrift shops of any kind.

After a long day of walking and shopping I was glad for the bowl of ramen and a good nights sleep.

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